The CD422 is designed to provide the World–Class performance.
Technically, the project was to design a simple electronic circuit for high reliability without any compromise. Sound performance of high qualities, combined with a presentation of disarming simplicity, the CD422 works perfectly added to all sources of high quality.

The CD422 is designed with Mechanism origin TEAC, a sample rate converter SRC4392 is used with regular low noise power supply, the WOLFSON WM8741 is also used, this DAC  is renowned for its very good audio performance. The management of all functions is ensured by the use of  a 32bit microcontroller of origin MICROCHIP PIC32MX795F512. A 80VA low noise toroid transformer is responsible for providing all the voltages necessary for the various regulators for the proper functioning of the CD422. It is possible to integrate an Amanero USB module to use the converter part of the CD422 ( option ).


Digital Outputs : AES/EBU – S/PDIF
XLR connector : 2.5V / 110 Ohms
RCA connector : 0.5V / 75 Ohms
Analog Outputs : XLR – RCA ( 2.0V RMS )
Converter D/A : WOLFSON Delta Sigma WM8741
Total Distortion + noise : Less than 0.005% for CD
Signal to noise Ratio : Better than 100dB for CD
Digital Input : USB type 2
PCM 44.1 to 384Khz / DSD64 – AMANERO Module
Power Supply : 100VA toroid transformer