The PL342 is designed to provide the World–Class performance.
Technically, the project was to design a simple electronic circuit for high reliability without any compromise. Sound performance of high qualities, combined with a presentation of disarming simplicity, the PL342 works perfectly added to all sources of high quality.

The PL342 is designed with a double mono structure, two 100VA low noise toroid transformers are used to provide the various voltages required for each channel. The digital volume use well-known circuit from MAS company reference MAS6116 x 4. Given proper use and care , your Audio amplifier should provide you with many years of exceptional music reproduction and listening pleasure.


Input Line :
3 x Balanced XLR
4 x Unbalanced RCA – Sensibility 1.6V
Frequency response : 5Hz-85Khz ( +0/-3db)
Harmonic Distortion : 0.03%@1Khz
Intermodulation Distortion : Typically 0.05%
Signal Sensibility : 200mV~ 4.0V RMS

Output :
2 x Balanced XLR
2 x Unbalanced RCA
1 x Unbalanced RCA – Tape
Output Impedance : 600Ohms
Output voltage Max : 15V
Power Supply : 2 x 100VA toroid transformer