The AL432-H is designed to provide the World–Class performance.
Technically, the project was to design a simple electronic circuit for high reliability without any compromise. Sound performance of high qualities, combined with a presentation of disarming simplicity, the AL432H works perfectly added to all sources of high quality.

The Al432H is designed with Two SRPP input stage with regular power supply for optimal operation. The input stage use four high quality ECC82 / 12AU7A. There is only one capacitance in the signal path. The output stage of the tubes use Capacitor JANTZEN AUDIO SUPERIOR Z-CAP. The following power stage consist of 4 pairs of associated with a 1200VA low noise toroid transformer made for MIMETISM Audio. A series of several timers is used to switch on the tube part (high voltage, heating).


Output power : 2 x 230Watts RMS into 8 Ohms
Output power : 2 x 380Watts RMS into 4 Ohms
Frequency response : 5Hz-85Khz ( +0/-3db)
Harmonic Distortion : 0.03%@1Khz
Intermodulation Distortion : Typically 0.05%
Signal to noise : -100dB
Input impedance : 30KOhms
Input sensibility RCA input : 1.5V
Input sensibility XLR input : 3.0V
Power Supply : 1200VA toroid transformer